The Digital Experience Has No Easy Button

I’m just at the beginning of CMI’s six-city Master Class tour. It’s a blast to tour around the country and get to meet so many content marketers at these events. Two ideas came together for me recently – one from a class attendee in Boston, another from an article I read.

The article was a wonderful piece at Harvard Business Review from Craig Borowski, the managing editor at Software Advice. In it, he discusses what a great digital experience should look like. My favorite part is where he talks about how a business’s digital initiatives should complement the existing journeys:

“Many companies clumsily add digital components to customer journeys that don’t directly benefit the customer or are superfluous to the company’s value proposition … ‘digital’ and ‘online’ are not synonymous with convenient.”

He goes on to use an example of a physical sandwich shop that invites customers to take a survey online. For whom is that survey convenient? The business.

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