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I’m thinking about story. The topic has come up a couple of times in recent client conversations. One question in particular had me noodling: Does the story find the audience, or does the audience find the story?

I know that sounds like a tautology. Let me explain. As I was working with a client this week, we  discussed the idea of their larger editorial mission – basically how their brand would be represented as content. We had decided on a core value – a story – that we could use as a foundation. Then she asked me, “What about different audiences? Shouldn’t we speak in a different way to different audiences?” She wanted to know if that same core story would speak to all their audiences, from influencers who help drive the need for their product to the end users who use the product.

The answer is yes. You speak differently to different audiences. The critical factor is point of view.

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Posted on May 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

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